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What security resolutions can we make for our home or business in 2019?

Now that we are into a new year, we should all consider checking our home and business security measures as part of our New Year’s Resolutions. Ideally you should take time out to audit your own building. Remember, if you can gain access easily, a burglar will also have no difficulty. Here are a few simple preventative measures :

1) Ensure your doors and windows are secure and lockable.

2) Fit a door viewer and chain, so you can view visitors before admitting.

3) Always be wary of cold callers e.g. water pressure checks, gas maintenance or any service man that requests admission to your property. Check his ID and call his office first before admitting him.

4) Never employ unaccredited maintenance operators such as roof and gutter maintenance agents. Always ask for a reference.

5) Garden equipment such as lawnmowers and strimmers should be securely stored out of sight as they will become popular items of interest to thieves as Spring arrives.

6) Consider installing external CCTV cameras. Potential thieves see them as a huge deterrent.

7) Follow best Garda advice by fitting a monitored intruder alarm. Alarm Monitoring from Safenet Security based in Dublin typically costs very little per day and ensures that all activations will be reacted to and passed on to Gardai if necessary. Contact Stuart in Safenet to learn more. 

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, take into consideration your home and safety.

Around this time of year many of us decide to undertake New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves, but sometimes we forget about our homes and our safety. Even with a timid winter so far, most of our time is spent indoors, providing ample time to give our homes some TLC and ensure our safety.

Test your alarm system
At Safenet Security we recommend testing the alarm system regularly for a couple reasons. Primarily, because we want to make sure it is working properly but it can also prevent issues, and is a great time to change the batteries.

Check smoke and carbon monoxide sensors
Our smoke and carbon monoxide sensors are only useful if they’re working. Be sure to check and replace batteries for both types of sensors, and if you already have a home security system look into monitored sensors that provide additional safety for our families and homes. Monitored sensors notify the monitoring center to an emergency and contact emergency responders, whereas traditional sensors only alert us to an emergency if we are home.

View your home as a burglar would
Taking a look at our home through the eyes of an intruder can help shore up areas that may be susceptible to break-ins. Nobody knows our homes better than us, but most of us don’t think the way a burglar does. Pretending to do so can help us determine the safety and security of our homes.


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