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Why we recommend HKC Intruder detection systems

In recent years, we have seen ground breaking developments in most of the technologies associated with the security products and services that we provide. One area in which system capabilities have taken a quantum leap is that of Intruder Detection Systems. The range of functionality and remote management tools that are now available have made intruder detection systems massively productive and beneficial for business owners – we particularly like the HKC range of intruder detection systems and in the course of this short article we will explain why we strongly recommend HKC products to customers and prospective customers alike.

1. App development is driving the constant improvements in HKC system functionality. The HKC app has been developed with a view to giving the business owner complete control through their mobile phone from anywhere in the world. All of the functionality available while standing at the physical keypad is also at the business owner’s fingertips when performing management tasks through their smart phone. A full range of sophisticated intruder detection services (including detection of smoke, heat, carbon monoxide and internal motion) are deployed using this technology and HKC have been leaders in the industry of this kind of innovation.

2. Recently, a PIR camera has been added to the system along with a really clever piece of functionality. The camera takes a HD picture of any intruder and the application then sends the picture to your HKC app on phone. You will know instantly whether the person should be in the building or not and you can then take appropriate action. Pictures can be sent to nominated parties within business which gives great privacy and security to the business owner.

3. The app also allows you to remotely manage access into your premises. All entrants can be identified by the user id the business owner has allocated to them through the user friendly system administration tool. Feedback on this feature from our customers who are currently using HKC systems is extremely positive and we feel that it gives business owners a great sense of security and peace of mind.

4. The system works really efficiently as life safety device in that it detects heat, smoke and carbon monoxide with great precision and sensitivity. When detection is activated the app sends an audio warning to the business owner’s phone. In what is a wonderful example of two Irish companies coming together to develop a world class product, HKC’s innovation partners at EI Electronics (based in Shannon) manufacture this system and it has been seamlessly integrated into the HKC panel to provide a truly comprehensive technology based security product.

5. The HKC system is aesthetically pleasing for customers and is also highly regarded by our installers who find it robust and intuitive to install. Efficient wireless systems such as the HKC system massively reduce both the cost and the inconvenience of system installation. There is no drilling of holes or running of cables required. Another benefit for the customer is that HKC regularly produce software updates primarily aimed at improving battery life. These updates are applied as a matter of course by KDS systems at each service visit.

For a great video insight into how the HKC app can benefit your business follow this link: HKC App and view the short video demonstration.

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