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Do I need CCTV?

What are the benefits of CCTV?

More and more people are discovering the huge range of benefits of operating a CCTV systems in their home or business premises. Not surprisingly, crime prevention is the major benefit of a fully functional CCTV system. Figures show that a visible security camera acts as a significant deterrent to criminals and reduces crime by about 75%. The recorded footage is admissible as evidence in court leading to a huge increase in the conviction rate.

However, CCTV is also widely and successfully being used to save time and money and for a wide range of positive, life-improving reasons such as:

  • Monitoring customers and employees
  • Keeping an eye on pets left during the day
  • Capturing images of those who enter and leave the property or area
  • Monitoring problem neighbours
  • Monitoring elderly relatives and other vulnerable people
  • Watching and making recordings of wildlife

The affordable cost of our CCTV systems may also pay for themselves over time by reducing the insurance risk to your home or business and therefore may bring down the cost of your insurance premiums for your home, possessions and your car insurance if it is parked on the driveway or car park with facing CCTV.

Our cameras have a range of features to meet your specific requirements:

Accessible via the internet 24 hours a day – You can access your cameras using a PC/laptop or by using your enabled mobile phone. The cameras are password protected and even keep a log of who is viewing your cameras.

Motion detection – The cameras will detect motion and then email you the captured pictures to a designated email addresses. The sensitivity of this facility can be adjusted.

Image recording – We can provide the facility whereby all images are recorded. You can set the interval seconds between image shots or apply constant recording. You can also decide whether you want to store the recorded images on the internet or on a recorder within the house.

Recording at night –The cameras come infra-red enabled as standard, which means they can still operate at night to a distance of about 20 metres.

Waterproof – The cameras are waterproof and made with a solid, full metal construction.

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