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Video Solutions for a Critical Business Problem

It is estimated that every year, that hundreds of thousands of euro is lost as a result of employee theft. A staggering number to be sure, with robberies ranging from high-level fraud to common employee theft. While these figures are pretty astonishing, and on the rise, there are some simple steps you can take to crack down on employee wrongdoing.

Combatting Personal Theft

In an office setting, chances are you either have a cubicle, a shared space or, if you’re lucky, an office of your own. Working in a collaborative environment can be great for business, but it can make you nervous about co-workers and support staff rummaging through your things and potentially walking away with your belongings. Hidden cameras are perfect for monitoring your workspace, no matter how big or small. If you have a cubicle or a shared area, a small hidden camera disguised as a USB flash drive or a common desk clock make completely inconspicuous desk monitoring solutions. Setting up these low-cost cameras is simple, and with motion-activated recording modes, you can leave the camera running overnight to ensure that cleaning staff and coworkers aren’t taking anything that doesn’t belong to them.

If you have a personal office, hidden cameras can be housed in everything from wall clocks to coat hooks to books. No matter what work situation you have, if you’re worried about theft, there is a hidden camera option for you.

Professional Surveillance for Total Business Monitoring

One-off hidden cameras are great for both personal and professional protection, but if you need an integrated surveillance system for monitoring an entire business, we’ve also got you covered. A Safenet CCTV system can enable cameras to watch over every aspect of your operation, inside and out. Choose from any number of customisable camera features and even integrate hidden cameras into your system with ease.

By choosing a multi-camera system, you can view and store your footage all from one centrally located monitoring station. With simple installation, you can have cameras that are specifically designed for protecting individual parts of your business. For example, a vandal-proof night vision dome camera is perfect for monitoring your business’ exterior entryway without the threat of tampering or destruction. A license plate camera can be installed in your company’s parking lot, allowing you to get clear footage of any suspicious vehicles on your property.

Safenet surveillance cameras make a great visual deterrent; which is oftentimes enough to keep would-be criminals at bay. No matter what your needs, and whatever you’re looking to protect, there is a surveillance option available for you.