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Security Lighting – Tips and Considerations

Security lighting is the best preventative measure that you can take for home security. This may include outdoor motion lights or other such lighting for burglary deterrence and night time security purposes.

Once you’ve installed security lighting, you will be rewarded with a sense of safety.

Intruders, no matter their intention, do not like lights on at night. It will expose them and will most certainly deter them.

Here are a few simple and logical tips for your own security lighting:ount security lighting high enough

Security lighting should be mounted high and out of reach from vandalism. Sometimes a would-be burglar will preemptively come by your home while you’re away (at work?) and unscrew the bulbs just enough so they won’t come on at night. So if possible mount them high enough so as not to be able and reach them without a ladder.

Protect your lighting with mesh or other shielding methods

A rock or other such object thrown at the light may break the bulb. Some sort of shielding mesh will prevent this from happening. Some manufacturers include this preventative screen or sell them as an add-on.

The more lights the better…

Multiple lights of medium power is better than fewer lamps of high power because it will reduce glare (which makes it difficult for an observer to see the area effectively), and it will provide more even lighting with fewer zones of shadow. The technique will also provide more redundancy if one lamp’s bulb blows out.

Protect the wiring of your security lighting

It is important to protect the wiring to your lighting in order to prevent tampering or disabling. Use conduit and/or bury wiring underground where possible. If wire is exposed, it can be snipped / cut.

Use multiple electrical circuits

For multiple lighting, it is best to use multiple electrical circuits when installing security lighting in several areas. If one circuit trips out, you still have other live circuits to provide lighting.

Locked outdoor electrical box

Check to be sure that the electric meter box is locked as well as the outdoor ‘mains’ circuit breaker box.

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