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Why your business will benefit from a Door Intercom System

If your business is not already using one, it might be time to consider implementing an electronic door security system. The type which will suit your company best depends on whether you regularly need to admit visitors, or if you’re a closed site.

Internal communication or Intercom systems can help make your home or business more secure. These simply connect two or more points within a building or an area, allowing for easy and seamless communication across distance. Commonly these points are placed at doors to allow access to visitors without someone needing to constantly monitor the door.

They can be combined with an electronic lock that can be used with swipe cards for employee access.

If you operate an open door policy, it is possible for anyone to walk into your building without the authority to do so. There are two main risks of unauthorised people entering your place of business; they might be unaware of security or safety procedures, and therefore could be at risk in an emergency, or they might pose a direct threat to your place of work.

If you’re unaware of who is in your building at any time then it can in no way be considered secure.

To prevent this, many companies choose to fit door security. Through using an intercom system you will be able to give access to any visitors, and be aware who has come into the building. It is possible to buzz people in following identification, so there is no need for a receptionist to be at the front of the building at all times. Once inside, the visitor can be greeted and shown around.

Some intercom systems rely purely on audio, while others also incorporate video. Both types are effective, and if cost is a major factor then an audio system might be better for you. Video can be very helpful as it can be recorded and used in conjunction with CCTV footage to identify visitors, and most importantly anyone who should and shouldn’t be in the building.

With rising crime and robberies across Dublin, there is a precedent for sites with regular working (and therefore regular unoccupied) hours to be targeted. There is often a lot of expensive equipment in offices and businesses, and if the building is unsecured then there might be a risk of opportunistic criminals entering your property.

Intercom systems don’t just improve security. They can be used within offices to communicate quickly between floors. An internal communication system will help to increase productivity, and could potentially lower costs. As they are operating on the same network, the only costs are the initial instillation and the electricity needed to power the system. It is possible to preload numbers into the system for speed dials.

By increasing the security of a building, you are also likely to increase its value. There is also the benefit to your insurance costs, which are likely to take into account any security systems you have in place.

Door Intercom Systems can also be used for group calling as well as one-to-one communications, hands free, and a doorbell system. With a whole host of tasks which become easier when using an intercom system, now is the time to invest in one for your business. Improve security, and communication within your workplace

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