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Top tips from an ex-burglar to protect your home against theft this winter

Did you know that the majority of burglaries take place between October and January? 

As the nights get longer, we become more susceptible to burglars operating under the cover of darkness. And, as the countdown to Christmas is on, it’s a tough time to be targeted.

So, to encourage people to better consider their home security, ex-burglar Michael Fraser shares the top seven unexpected things that are making your home vulnerable to theft now the clocks have gone back and the nights draw in…

1. Highlighting valuables

Whilst leaving your lights on may signal an occupied house to potential intruders, as the nights get darker, be mindful of where you are leaving lights on, as this can make valuable belongings more visible to thieves.

Make sure that curtains or blinds are closed so that potential burglars don’t have a direct line of sight onto your valuables and the layout of your home.

2. Calendar caution

Appointments and festive holidays listed on calendars will give potential intruders a window of opportunity to break into your home undisturbed. Ensure that information on any calendars cannot be easily viewed through a window.

3. Letterbox fishing

Avoid the risk of burglars stealing valuable items from your home through your letterbox – such as keys lying on the side – by fitting a cage to the inside of your letterbox.

4. Selfie care

If a burglar has access to your name through old post or personal information, they can easily find your social media accounts, too. Sharing so-called holiday countdowns around holidays, or updates whilst you’re away, is an open invitation for burglars to head into your home with the knowledge that they won’t be disturbed.

5. Digital diligence

If you do have a digital alarm system, make sure that you are keeping it clean – if burglars know what digits you’re using, they can easily work out your password as people are more likely to start with lower numbers and work their way up the keypad when it comes to numerical patterns.

6. Bathroom basics

It’s easy for a burglar to ascertain which room is the bathroom because of the windows usually being obscured. Showering without other lights on in your home gives burglars a clear indication that they will have the time to grab some valuables from your home and make a quick exit whilst you’re distracted.

7. Double locking is key

Just one lock on a door isn’t enough. Burglars can use their foot to check whether there is a dead lock on the door. If the door moves more than two millimetres, they will immediately know that your door isn’t double locked, giving them easier access to your property.

8. Turn on your alarm system 

Safenet Security encourage everyone to turn on their alarm system – even if they are at home. If you have not got an alarm system – or it needs a repait – contact Safenet Security today. 


Source: House Beautiful