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Tips for home security camera placement

Having a home security system is great, but having one that is installed methodically is even better. Homes without security systems are about three times as likely to be broken into than homes with a system. At Safenet, we will come to your home and work with you to help find the best places to place security cameras throughout your home. Proper placement is essential for a successful home security system.

A few factors come into play when determining where to place this equipment to get the best performance out of them. The size and shape of your home, the number of windows and doors, and the layout of your home are all taken into consideration when planning for installation occurs.

Below, we share some tips on the best places in the home to place security cameras for optimal video surveillance.  These tips can give you a better understanding of the “why” behind the process.

Security Cameras 

  1. The front and back door: Both places are common break in access points. Thirty-four percent of burglars enter through the front door, and 22 percent enter through the back. When the CCTV cameras are out in the open, a potential burglar may be hesitant to proceed with his plan. The cameras can allow you to see who is approaching or if there is a package out front (that also could be stolen). Make sure these cameras are also out of reach.
  2. Living areas: A room such as the living room, family room, or den has a lot of activity in it. Most people keep their electronics and other important odds and ends in these rooms. A small, even hidden, camera can allow you to see what’s going on when you’re not there. It could be a stranger or even a housekeeper that could potentially be doing things they shouldn’t in the room.
  3. Backyard: Intruders can easily hide around your property in bushes and other large objects. A security camera, in plain sight, can deter intruders but also let you see what’s happening at a pretty good distance away in your yard.
  4. Garage: Burglars have been known to target garages, because people store a lot of their belongings inside it. Nine percent of burglars enter through the garage. The camera will be installed in a place that can give you visibility of both the garage door and the driveway, so you can see if anyone is approaching.
  5. First-floor windows: Twenty-three percent of burglars enter through a first-floor window, usually on the side or back of the house. The best placements for security cameras here is about an easy-to-access window, or inside the house, pointing at the window.

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