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Security Tips: How to avoid burglary of your premises 

We all know the general home security precautions we need to take: don’t leave valuables in sight; keep doors locked and while, on the whole, we may stick to this advice how many of us actually do it religiously, all the time?

How often are we out in the garden enjoying the sunshine and we pop in to get a drink and just leave our phone out there on the table? How often do we come in from a bike ride and just leave our expensive bikes in the garden while we go in to get changed? And, how often do we come in from work, toss our bags/wallets/keys/phone onto the table and go put the kettle on?

It’s just for a minute, what’s going to happen? For the most part, probably nothing however is it worth the risk? For the opportunistic burglar, these moments are golden; it’s what they are constantly looking out for because if you’re gone for just a minute, they can be in and out in 30 seconds. You may not even realise they’ve been in until much later. Plus there’s always a chance you’ll be distracted once you get inside – you get chatting, you nip to the loo, you see something interesting on the TV. That could give someone an even bigger window to help themselves.

The only way to really avoid the opportunistic burglar is to not give them the opportunity! Be mindful of keeping your valuables safe and out of sight: take phones and devices inside with you when you go in from the garden; be proactive and put bikes away in the garage as soon as you get in (one less job for you to do later anyway!); keep handbags and keys well out of sight within the house away from doors and windows; and lock doors when you go inside, especially if you go upstairs or away from the immediate vicinity. This may seem like being over-cautious but it’s just a case of getting used to new habits (it won’t even cost you any money!). Plus, many home insurance policies won’t pay out for an insecure burglary (where the intruder gains access via an unlocked door or open window) so you really would be kicking yourself then. Don’t even give them a minute.

If a burglar can’t see anything worth stealing in your house, chances are that they won’t target your property and risk breaking in.

Keeping this in mind, you must always hide your valuables from plain view since leaving them out in the open might attract unwanted attention.

Avoid leaving cash, keys, expensive gadgets, and other high-value items near the doors and windows since they become easy to access and steal.

Try to keep the curtains drawn and the blinds closed to avoid stalkers and potential burglars from peeking inside your home and targeting specific items of value, such as your laptop left on the table near the window or the television in the living room.

Also, don’t leave expensive tools and equipment out in the garden and make sure to securely lock them in the shed after you’re done using them.

Burglar alarms are one of the most effective burglary deterrents that don’t just keep criminals away from your house but also scare them away if they try to break in.

They work using different types of sensors, such as door and window sensors, vibration detectors, and passive infrared (PIR) detectors which, when placed in the right places, detect intrusions and sound a loud siren-like noise, often accompanied with flashing lights, to bring attention towards the intruders.

If a burglar knows that your house is alarmed, they would most definitely stay away and not try to break into it, which is why you must invest in one and make it clear to passers-by by putting up signs or window stickers.

You can either opt for a basic burglar alarm system that relies on people nearby to respond to it or go for one with more advanced features such as professional monitoring and notification alerts.

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras have become a common sight around the world with millions of businesses and homeowners relying on them for constant surveillance of their properties.

They are one of the most effective burglary deterrents available in the market today that not only deter criminals but also provide valuable evidence in the form of recorded CCTV footage.

The reason that burglars avoid targeting homes under CCTV surveillance is that they fear being recorded on camera and getting identified and caught.

In addition to working as a crime deterrent with recorded evidence, CCTV cameras provide many other benefits to homeowners such as allowing them to monitor family members and deductions on their insurance premiums.

There are many different types of CCTV cameras to choose from and the type you choose for your home security depends on various factors such as the placement of the cameras (indoors or outdoors), the lighting conditions, the field of view, the camera’s resolution, and most importantly, what exactly you wish to monitor.

Regardless of the type of camera you choose, there are certain features that you must look for that include motion detection, mobile notifications, remote monitoring, night vision, wi-fi capabilities, two-way communication, local or cloud storage, and weather-proof and tamper-proof casing for outdoor use.

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