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Monitoring your Home or Business 24 hours a day

The sound of alarm bells ringing is becoming more common these days, to the point that neighbours rarely pay attention to them. To offer you further peace of mind, and ensure that your home or business is always being looked after, we offer 24/7 365 days a year monitoring service through our partner monitoring station. 

Monitoring solutions include:

  • GSM Monitoring
  • Mesh Radio Monitoring
  • GSM & PSDN
  • GSM & Network monitoring combined


Intruder Alarm Monitoring brings your alarm system to life, linking it directly to the central station, with controllers on standby ready to respond to the signaled emergency. While it is impossible to prevent an attempted break in, the immediate response that monitoring provides, dramatically minimises the potential risk of loss and damage to your property. 

How intruder alarm monitoring works;

  • An alarm system activates and a signal is sent to the central monitoring station across a landline connection, Monitored GPRS or IP transmission route.
  • The monitoring station receives a signal and the customers details automatically flash on the screen within seconds.
  • The method of signaling automatically tells the controller the nature of the alarm, i.e. burglary, fire, personal attack etc.
  • To eliminate false alarms the controller may telephone your premises. Should an incorrect passcode be given or no reply received, it will be treated as an emergency.
  • A controller immediately acts on your behalf notifying keyholders, the Gardai and other relevant emergency services.
  • All information in respect of the activation and subsequent actions taken are recorded on a real time basis. This information can be recalled at any time.

A new Garda policy was introduced on April 1st 2005. It affects the handling of activations from your intruder alarm system as the Gardai will now only respond to ‘verified’ alarms.

What is a verified alarm? – A verified alarm is an alarm system that has sent in a second signal to confirm the first activation. Many primary signals are accidental as a result of weather or not switching off an alarm in good time. The second, or ‘verifying’, signal will narrow the probability of an activation being false.

The Gardai will not accept a call from a Monitoring Centre until a Keyholder has been notified and given an estimated time of arrival at the premises. The purpose of the new policy is to reduce false alarms thereby enabling the Gardai to respond to real activations more promptly.

What is a false alarm? – If the Gardai arrive at a premises and the Keyholder is not there the activation will be treated as a false alarm. Garda response will be withdrawn when the limit of three false alarms in three months is reached. If Garda response is withdrawn, the alarm system must have verification technology installed before it can be reinstated.



We highly recommend going with monitoring for each system we install. The sirens are a great deterrent but in a lot of cases they just minimise the time a potential intruder has at your property. If you are living in an urban area or in a housing estate, will your neighbours pay attention?

With Safenet Security you get a definite response from trained professionals, who will be able to notify you (or your chosen keyholders) and the local Gardai and they are able to confirm if there is an intruder on site before you arrive.


Yes. We provide a range of monitoring solutions where there is no land line present.

  • We also provide a range of monitoring solutions for more high risk commercial and industrial premises.


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