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Monitored Alarms for small to medium sized businesses across Dublin

Over half of small and medium sized businesses in Ireland have been targeted by crime, costing owners up to €15m. Sadly, businesses are being repeatedly targeted by criminals causing long lasting damage, emotional and financial. Running a business takes every spare minute you have, and the less time you spend worrying about things like safety and security, the more you can focus on growing your business. We, at Safenet Systems can help you to protect your business and livelihood – we provide business security solutions to deliver peace of mind to you and your staff.

Monitored Alarms for your business 

We provide more than just fire and security systems, because we know that having good business security in place is only half the job. We also offer the benefits of partnership – like the peace of mind that comes with knowing our specialist monitoring and maintenance support is there for you around the clock.​ Monitored Alarm Systems gives you peace of mind that your burglar alarms will be responded to day or night with 24 hour support. 

Security Systems for Small Businesses

No matter the size of a business, the need for some level of security is essential. Thankfully, as technology becomes more affordable and widespread, small businesses are able to protect both their property and data to a high level in a way that was not possible a few years ago.

Why Do Small Businesses Require Security Systems?

While many assume that the need for a security system for small business is minor, the fact is there are specific problems for such a size of company. Almost half of burglaries are directed at small businesses and what may appear to be insignificant vandalism can have a profound effect on start-ups or those with a small turnover.

The Benefits

Other than peace of mind, which is by no means an insignificant consideration, security systems are beneficial in some obvious and some not so obvious ways.


A business’s employees are its biggest asset, so providing a safe and secure work environment is essential, both legally and morally. This becomes particularly important if your staff are dealing with members of the public on premises that have high value equipment or large amounts of cash. A well maintained fire alert system is also a major consideration for all businesses.


Theft of physical property, such as stock or equipment, is always a worry for business owners, and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to its effects due to what can be typically small profit margins. Such threats come from both customers and staff, and a toxic atmosphere in the workplace from suspicion can have a profound effect on a business. Security systems not only provide peace of mind for business owners, they can also make employees feel secure in the knowledge that a well designed system will exonerate them from suspicion.

Insurance Costs

Insuring property against crime and accidents is a costly endeavour, even if a business has low value assets. Even the most basic entry level system can bring your insurance premiums down considerably, making it even more cost efficient than it may first appear.

Safenet Systems has vast experience fitting monitored alarms in small to medium sized businesses across Dublin. Contact Stuart today to discuss the options available to you and your business. 

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