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Common Weaknesses in Home Security

The best way to deter burglars is to put preventative measures in place that are visible and to have functioning equipment that can be used to alert neighbours and authorities.

Safenet based in Dublin provide cutting edge security systems for your home, including:

Digital CCTV systems record directly onto a hard drive. If you worry about who is at the door, or if you hear a noise, you can simply press your TV remote control and have a clear live video of the door area. The camera outside is a deterrent to burglars, just its physical presence is enough to make them think twice.

An intercom is a useful system if you have difficulty answering the door. You can talk to your visitor and unlock the door remotely if you are satisfied that they are welcome to come in. This system can also be integrated with a camera for added security.

Monitored alarm systems are a useful devices used to protect your home. The external alarm box provides the visual presence that there is an alarm on the premises. If you arm the alarm, and someone activates it by triggering a sensor, then the alarm will ring. This will alert people that there is a problem. The alarm system will then alert a monitoring station, who alerts Gardaí. This all happens without you having to lift the phone!

Personal emergency alarms are a recent development in home safety. The home-occupier receives a personal alarm that can be a watch, pendant or other convenient device. There is a base station placed where the person spends the majority of their time. When the person activates their personal alarm, the base station makes an automatic call to a dedicated monitoring station. They communicate via a loud speaker on the base station to the home-occupier who can detail the problem. The appropriate emergency services are alerted. If there is no response then the monitoring station will alert local services to carry out a check on the premises.

Access Control is a proven method of preventing crime on your property. This can be in the guise of electronic gates, external intercom, keypads at entrances with security codes etc. We install custom designed systems that are unique to each home. These can be wired or wireless and are user friendly.

All work carried out will be completed by us, a registered PSA License holder. 

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