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A Home Alarm Reduces Home Invasions

According to recently published studies, 38 percent of assaults and 60 percent of rapes occur during home invasions. As these statistics indicate, a home invasion is a much more serious crime than a traditional burglary, as it involves the perpetrator entering your home while you are present. With such crimes on the rise in the midst of a difficult economy, it is essential that you take measures to protect you and your home at all times. A home alarm is an extremely useful tool you can use to reduce your likelihood of becoming the target of a home invasion. It not only draws attention to any unauthorised entry, but also automatically alerts authorities that you need assistance immediately.

Making Intruders Aware

According to statistics, one of the best ways to prevent home invasions is to make potential intruders aware that you have a monitored home alarm installed. Doing this can be as simple as placing a sign in your front garden and putting window decals on each window to indicate your home is protected. Many intruders take these signs as a warning and realize that breaking into your home is not worth the potential for being caught.

Alerting Everyone around Your Home

One benefit of having a home alarm is that the siren it emits is loud enough to alert everyone in your neighbourhood that all is not well in your home. While some neighbours may just assume a false alarm is occurring, chances are the loud siren will make the intruder incredibly paranoid and cause him or her to leave your home before doing any harm.

Alerting the Gardai

Having a monitored alarm system really can mean the difference between keeping you and your family safe and falling prey to a home invasion, as such a system immediately alerts your security company if your alarm goes off. After the alarm siren alerts the security company at a central monitoring location, the security company calls you to make sure there has been no false alarm. If you fail to answer the phone or if the intruder answers for you, the security company dispatches Gardai immediately to your home.

While having a home alarm can greatly reduce your chances of falling victim to a home invasion, keeping yourself safe also requires you to stay vigilant and take notice of any strange behaviors you may see in people such as delivery drivers or repair technicians. For maximum protection, one of the best things you can do is keep your home alarm armed at all times, especially when you are home.

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