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HKC Alarm User Benefits

HKC Alarms are very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  The keypad audio ensures all notifications are easy to understand and makes the operation of your security system extremely easy.

Key Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing and Easy to use
  • Keypad Audio – Voice notification of each zone i.e. ‘Alarm Kitchen Side Door’.
  • Full range of intruder and life safety devices
  • Friends and Family – Text Messaging and Speech Dialler on-board.
  • Garda Response – Digital Communicator on board
  • User Alerts – receive alerts from users at home and at work
  • Complete Wireless Solution – No Wires, No Mess
  • System can be part set e.g. perimeter while at home.

Life Protection Devices

  • Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • All detectors have on-board sirens
  • One activates all – Detectors are linked together via RF.

Secure Unset

  • Extra security with RF Key Fobs by using pin code, In case dropped, stolen or accidently pushed
  • Personal protection – Duress Button on Keyfob

Home Automation

  • Control the Security System and Outputs via GSM unit (Outputs only available on SW 1070 & SW 20140)

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