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Burglar Alarms should be an essential component in your home security plans. 

One of the main deterrents to home burglaries is a home security system, which, according to statistics, does have an effect on whether or not a burglary will be successful.

An Garda Síochána, in its Crime Prevention Information Sheet, said that intruder alarms are an effective deterrent against burglars and help to reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted. So, for people who have not already done so, the increase in the number of burglaries means that many may be considering investing in a home security system as a means to protect their home.

By The Numbers

Statistics paint an interesting picture as to how home security systems and alarm monitoring can affect crime rates and home burglaries.

Fifty-nine percent of home burglaries occur during the day while residents are at work or at school, and homes with a lot of cover, such as from trees, fences, and gardens, are most commonly broken into. Most break-ins occur in July and August, and February has the least amount of break-ins on average. Statistics show that more than 95 percent of burglaries involve break-in by force, such as by breaking a window or door lock. In many cases, a security system could prevent homes from becoming a part of these statistics.

Pros and Cons of a Security System

The main and most essential reason to invest in a security system is to deter crime in your home. According to the Electronic Security Association’s “Home Safety Fast Facts” report, 9 out of 10 burglars said that if they encountered an alarm or home security system, they would not attack the home. According to the Greenwich Study of Residential Security report homes without a security system are 2.7 to 3.5 times more likely to be subject to a burglary. Thus, in addition to precautions like window locks and deadbolts on doors, a security system is a prime candidate for your home safety options.

Often the main deterrent for people thinking about getting a home security system is the cost. However when people consider the potential loss if a break in did occur on your home, they often decide the price of fitting a burglar alarm system is the most cost effective decision in the long run. Plus no price can be placed on the peace of mind a burglar alarm system can bring.

Pros and Cons of Alarm Monitoring

Not only can you invest in a security system itself, but alarm monitoring services are also crucial. Instead of just protecting your home, these types of systems can alert a company monitoring your home for you, send you messages regarding the status of your home, alert the Garda in the case of a break-in, and so forth. This can offer your home an even more complete security package, as someone will be safeguarding your home just as intently as you are.

Another important reason to invest in alarm monitoring is for smoke and fire detection,which often can come as part of the security package. Whether it’s a cooking mishap or an electrical issue or spark from your central heating unit, fireplace, water heater, heating stove, and so on, it’s important to have an alarm monitoring system that can report the fire quickly-possibly even before you can. Fires can be dangerous and cause a lot of damage, so it’s important to prepare and protect your home in any way possible.

Akin to security systems, cost is often the main drawback for some when they look into getting an alarm monitoring system. The thoughts of monthly fees and initial set up costs can make people feel unsure if will be cost effective but these costs may be worth it when considering the safety a monitored alarm could bring to you and your family.

Cost and Savings of Security Systems

The cost of security systems can vary widely with different monthly fees and contracts. Types of security packages, selecting annual maintenance services will all affect the price. However many Safenet customers are surprised when they hear what we have to offer. Why not give Stuart a call today to discuss the best security package for you within your budget.

Depending on the way you look at the costs versus the savings, security systems may or may not make sense for your home. While monthly fees certainly can vary, a basic security system will cost you far less than what the average burglary will cost you. And, depending on your policy, your homeowners insurance may be reduced by up to 20 percent just because you have a security system installed in your home. A security system may ultimately be less of an expense when you include all of the potential savings.

If you’re interested in learning more about security systems and comparing features and prices, you can give Stuart a call today to find the right security system for you.  Safenet Security  have vast experience fitting monitored alarms in homes and businesses across Dublin. Stuart will give you all the information you need to reach a decision and you will also have a better understanding of your options.


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