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Drawbacks of DIY Home Security System

You’ve made up your mind. You’re getting a home security system. Great. The next question is, do you do-it-yourself (DIY) or do you go through a professional security company? Although there are pros for both ways of installation, it’s in your best interest to go through skilled workers. Sure, a DIY security system may appear simple and inexpensive, but many consumers have found DIY to be more difficult than expected once they begin.

We, at Safenet Security can professionally install an intruder alarm system  to give clients the ability to monitor their property 24/7. With us, a client can rest easy knowing their security system has been installed right. Some jobs just require a professional touch and our professional technicians will get it done right and in a timely fashion.

Here are some reasons why we believe it’s better to go with professionals over a DIY home security system:

More Expensive Than You Think
Believe it or not, a DIY home security system can be pricey. Although there are no installation fees, any add-ons to the system will raise your price tag. Add-ons can include additional sensors. These add-ons can raise the cost depending on how you’re customising your system or the size of your home. Most DIY home security systems only come with a certain number of parts, so you’re likely to buy more than just this package.

No Support
At Safenet Security, our systems are backed by a full service department. With a DIY system, once you buy the package, you’re usually on your own. You will not have access to an in-field professional, who can drop by your home and properly access your personal situation. There’s a chance the system will have no customer support to call if an alarm sounds, or a connection to the Gardai and/or fire brigade if there is an emergency. If an alarm goes off, it’s solely up to you to decide what to do next.  Some manufacturers of DIY systems may be able to answer some basic questions over the phone, but they cannot be there for constant tech support.

Improper Installation
DIY installation is marketed as easy; the work you will put in to install the system is minimal. Some manufacturers will even walk you through the easy installation process over the phone. Although you may be installing it correctly, most people aren’t professionals at installation, specifically on security devices. With DIY, there is an increased risk of improper installation, which would reduce the effectiveness of the home security system.

Required Maintenance
Security systems require maintenance. When things get old, break, need to be updated or cleaned, or just aren’t working properly, a home security/alarm system company will come to your home and work on repairs and replacements, based on the plan you signed up for with them. With a DIY home security system, the responsibility of the repairs falls on you. If a part breaks or the entire system isn’t working, you are in charge of replacing it all.

Little to No Self-Monitoring
By getting a home security system through Safenet Security, you will have control and awareness of the happenings in your home.  With a professional system, you can monitor your security cameras or arm your locks all day and night through your computer or phone. The system will keep you aware of anything happening in your home through email and text notifications. A DIY home security system doesn’t always offer a mobile app to monitor through, and what offer may be complicated and potentially slow down the network connection in your home.

Purchasing a Home Security System
The professionals at Safenet Security will help guide you through the process of selecting the right home security system for your home. Not only will the system give you peace of mind, but it will be customised specifically for you home. To inquire about a home security system, click here or call Safenet Security on 085 220 1207