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Discover the Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

Some of the benefits of alarm monitoring are immediately clear. The biggest benefit, really, is peace of mind. You know if someone tries to enter your home or business illegally, you and the security service will know right away. Garda protection can dispatched right away if you’re in trouble. That kind of reassurance simply has no price and often convinces consumers without the aid of other benefits.

There are other benefits, though. If you’re still trying to decide if you need the protection and peace of mind a security system can offer, here are some benefits you may not yet have considered.

Insurance Discounts

Did you know you could lower your home or commercial space insurance premiums by installing an alarm system? The safety and security the alarm monitoring provides for people, possessions, and structures also give insurance companies peace of mind. They know if you have a monitoring service, any damage or theft is likely to have a quicker resolution.

Fire Safety

Monitored alarm systems also include smoke detectors that send help whether you’re home or not. Even if you don’t set the alarm before you leave, the smoke detector will still alert the monitoring service in the event of a fire.

Easy Theft Deterrent

Even displaying a sign or sticker from an alarm monitoring service can significantly lower the risk of theft. Thieves, especially those who are looking for an easy score, tend to avoid homes and offices with security systems simply because there is a higher chance of being caught.

Access to Emergency Services

If you include a panic button within your package, this gives users direct access to emergency services. This can be used in cases of home invasion, medical emergencies, and other occasions where a phone isn’t nearby.

These benefits are all provided by one of Dublin’s leading burglar alarm companies. This means you can truly trust the service you receive. If you’re ready to install an alarm monitoring service for your home or business, give us a call. We’d love to help you feel more secure.

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