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Burglar Alarm Repairs & Faults Dublin 

Statistics show that of those that have burglar alarm installed, a large percentage rarely set it – an even greater and more alarming number don’t even check for faults.

Like every system, burglar alarms are susceptible to faults but unlike every system, they are one of the easiest to configure, diagnose, and troubleshoot

Burglar alarms have helped a lot of people sleep better. Knowing that there is a deterrent keeping intruders away from their property gives them peace of mind and a sense of security.

Burglar alarms play a huge role in both residential and commercial security. Along with keeping burglars and intruders away, they also alert the people in the vicinity in case of a break-in; playing an important role in a community as well.

Burglar alarms work using a series of sensors that go off as soon as they detect any unusual activity, notifying the person-in-charge to take necessary action. However, if your burglar alarm is faulty or poorly maintained, it can fail you when it’s needed the most and leave you and your property in a vulnerable state. 

It might also cause false alarms, turning into a nuisance for you and your neighbours.

Opportunistic burglars keep close tabs on the places they plan on breaking in to and these faults can give them just what they need. Having a faulty burglar alarm is just as good as not having one at all. 

Educating yourself about burglar alarm faults and repairs and the importance of proper maintenance and servicing will ensure that you are best equipped to keep yourself and your property safe.


From triggering false alarms to misfires and even beeping all night, keeping you and the neighbours awake, burglar alarms can develop all kinds of faults. Let’s look at some of the top burglar alarm faults and repairs:

  • Low battery

As with all electrical devices working on a battery, the most common fault is the battery wearing out. Having a low battery on a burglar alarm can be dangerous and risky because the alarm may not function correctly. 

A beeping keypad and a warning code on the monitor are a couple of indicators of low battery issue in burglar alarms. Insufficient charges during power outages may also cause the low battery indicator to show.

A possible solution for the low battery fault is first checking if the battery is charged properly. If it isn’t, charge it completely and see if the issue persists. If it still does, the battery might need to be replaced. 

A good quality battery lasts for a good 6 to 7 years, so make sure you have the right quality and brand to avoid the issue arising unexpectedly and beforehand. Reach out to Dublin based Safenet Security for an exceptional repairing services with our approved alarm installers and repairers.

  • Faulty sensors

Burglar alarms work through sensors that have moving pins inside of them which are designed to pick up vibrations caused by an intruder trying to break into your property. 

These pins can sometimes jam in the open or closed position, leaving it impossible to set or unset. If left in the open position, the alarm won’t set, and if left in the closed position, it will set but won’t detect any intrusions. Faulty sensors sometimes become a reason for false alarms as well. In this case, the burglar alarm will detect an intrusion even when there isn’t any.

This issue can be solved and repaired by identifying and replacing the faulty sensor. The sensors must be installed properly, tested thoroughly, and regularly maintained to overcome this issue.

  • Loose cables and connections

Loose connections are a big problem for electronic devices such as burglar alarms. They may cause the burglar alarm to malfunction in several ways. The cables connecting the components or the main power supply cable might be loose resulting in the system not working properly. 

The device might not charge completely or result in the sensors not picking up intrusions. Connections can also become frayed and corroded due to harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or moisture.

The best way to avoid this fault is by having the burglar alarm professionally installed by certified installers. During installation, screws must be screwed tightly and all the connections must be checked to ensure they’re secured and in place.

  • Faulty control panel or keypad

Control panels are the heart of a burglar alarm system. All the systems components are connected through the control panel. The main features of a control panel include zone types and capacity, arming/disarming the alarm, and event logs and activation records. An ineffective control panel might show tamper and zone faults, which might make it difficult to set the alarm. Another issue is the keypad freezing and becoming unresponsive.

If the other components work fine, the faulty control panel and keypad can be changed. This is a cost-effective repair method instead of replacing the entire system altogether.

  • Bell doesn’t ring

If the bell, which is the main alarm triggered during an intrusion, doesn’t ring. It results in the alarm going silent even when it is triggered. It will either not sound or be very muffled, making it very ineffective. This might be due to a battery issue or rust depositing on the bell. The bell can be cleaned up and repaired or changed completely, in case if it is broken. Charging or changing the battery component might be a good idea as well, to rectify the situation.


Professional burglar alarm repairing and maintenance services are vital in keeping your burglar alarm healthy and in top-notch condition. A faulty burglar alarm not only is a nuisance but also a huge risk since it leaves your property in a vulnerable state. d.

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