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Burglar Alarm Installation Dublin

Keep your house and home secure with a professionally installed and maintained Intruder / Burglar Alarm System from Safenet Security.

At Safenet Security, we have been installing intruder alarms to the highest industry standards for a number of decades. Our process is clear, easy and tried and tested to give our customers what they want at a price they can afford.

Safenet Security install Intruder, Burglar, Fire alarms, CCTV, Access Control & complementary security systems in residential and commercial businesses across Dublin. 


Wired or Wireless Home Alarms

The current high end wireless alarm components are now every bit as reliable as their hard wired counterparts. The majority of residential alarms we now install are wireless or a hybrid consisting of wired and wireless alarm components. 

Smart Home Security

Our smart home systems allow you to have total control of the burglar alarm and CCTV your home.

To make the best choice for a commercial security camera, contact us today for further advice.

Burglar Alarms

If you’re away from your home for long periods of time and are worried about what might go wrong, we have the solution.

Smart home security systems come equipped with sound, motion and heat sensor alarms throughout the house.

If any changes occur in your absence, you’ll get a notification straight to your phone. If you believe the change is due to a threat, you can alert a neighbour or the guards immediately.


If you have a CCTV camera system installed, you can have eyes on your home or business at all times. With the smart home app, you can receive live stream footage from your CCTV camera from anywhere in the world. You can also pause and rewind to easily find and monitor suspicious activity. Total home surveillance, for total piece of mind.

Our considerable experience and total commitment to quality means that whatever the particular risk to your premises Safenet Security will have an effective solution to protect your home, family, business and employees. Our aim is to always provide an exceptional level of service to all our clients. 

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