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Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems

Alarm systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes nowadays, from very basic motion-activated alarms through fully monitored home security systems. In between lie a number of variations on a theme, including trip wires, motion sensors, closed circuit telemetry and more. If you have come online in search of some good information about which system may be best for you, it helps to consider each room the standpoint of expense and reliability. The truth about alarm systems is that more money doesn’t always ensure superior performance – in fact, above a certain threshold, you may even see diminishing returns.

One of the hottest new varieties of home security system is the wireless kind. These simple systems rely on radio signals to keep everything connected. The advantage is that you save tremendous amounts of time and money on the installation – with few exceptions, most wireless alarm systems can be installed in a matter of hours. The reason for this is simple, of course: no wires means no electrical leads, wire-stripping or circuit testing. Often all you need is a few screws, some basic tools and a little patience to have everything up and running within a day.

Wireless alarm systems come with a host of other advantages as well. Many experts cite their outstanding range as an essential asset – some of the best systems can communicate readily over hundreds of feet without difficulty, effectively doubling the size of the dragnet you deploy. For homeowners with large properties or anyone looking to cover a greater swath of territory, simple solutions like these let you create vast and effective networks quite literally out of thin air. Couple the basic components with additional sensors that transmit their own radio signals and you can even “daisy-chain” several systems together to cover unlimited acreage.

Of course, distance is just one of the things that wireless systems do well. Another is penetrating walls, building materials and other obstacles that might otherwise present a prohibitive expense for installation. Although most electricians can bore through concrete given the proper tools, there are some homes that make use of virtually impenetrable layers such as granite and marble for their aesthetic value. Wiring such exotic materials can be an exhausting and exorbitant proposition – one which sends many electricians scurrying to find a contractor. Go wireless and you can forego such destructive installation altogether, relying on nothing less than energy itself to carry those encrypted signals from station to station.

A third great advantage of the wireless approach is that such systems do not have to rely on your home’s power grid to function. Although a number of traditional alarm systems use battery backup, the truth is that such emergency measures only last so long before they are exhausted. Alarm systems that were designed to operate wirelessly from day one, however, tend to offer far more robust and reliable battery power. Many of them also prompt homeowners to check the batteries fairly often – a feature few wired security systems ever offer.

Finally, many wireless alarm systems include cellular notification for monitoring purposes. To many experts, this feature represents the true power of the wireless model. Unlike more conventional systems that rely on phone lines to contact authorities to your home, wireless systems offer sufficient signal strength to get in touch on their own. That means even if the power goes out or the home’s phone lines are cut, you can still expect first responders to arrive within a matter of minutes once the alarm has been tripped. Savvy criminals have been known to splice even dedicated landlines to avoid this kind of response, so a fine wireless system is the surest way to stay ahead of such tactics.

If you have been looking for an alarm system that is inexpensive, effective and easy to install, you may want to look into the many benefits of today’s finest wireless alarm systems. Stick with major brand names and follow the manufacturers’ instructions to the letter if you want to enjoy many years of airtight security from your product. As long as you test it regularly and change the batteries often, you should without question sleep better at night.

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