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Benefits of having an intruder alarm in your home

Intruder alarms that are installed in residential houses are proven to reduce the risk of burglars targeting your home.

According to An Garda Síochána “it is widely accepted that intruder/burglar alarms are an effective deterrent against burglars, thereby helping to reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted”. Source – An Garda Síochána website.

This statement should provide home owners and their families’ with peace of mind about their security in their home.

What type of burglar alarm system would best suit my needs?

There are many factors involved in deciding on what type of security alarm system would best suit your needs. Factors involve the cost of the alarm and installation and  where your residence is located.

There are various types of alarm systems available on the market, from audible only alarms which produce a loud siren when activated or alarm monitored systems where upon activation, a centralised monitoring station will be made aware. Many of the top Irish security companies have an alarm monitoring service. An alarm monitoring service will give you peace of mind if you have vacated your home to go on holiday or for any other reason that you may have to leave your home for a short time. Your home will be constantly protected and monitored for any unauthorised entries into your home.

If unsure on what alarm system would best fit your exact requirements, it is best to consult qualified security experts.

What is the difference between a burglar alarm and an intruder alarm?

Both a burglar alarm and an intruder alarm are the same. The terms are used depending on where you live, however both have the same meaning. Burglar and intruder alarms are designed to protect your home from criminals entering your home to vandalise and steal your possessions.

Choosing your home intruder alarm installer

It is important when getting an intruder alarm that the installers are qualified and licensed by the Private Security Authority. A licensed alarm installer will also provide you with quality alarm systems that meet Irish and European alarm standards. Having an alarm that meets the regulated standards will also help to reduce home insurance rates. Get more information on protecting your home today by contacting a licensed security alarm installation company to learn about the market leading products and solutions available.

Other steps to take to protect your home

There are a number of other solutions to protect your home  and to compliment any existing intruder alarm systems. CCTV  systems can reduce risks of break-ins dramatically. The systems offer 24 hour surveillance and will enable home owners to identify unauthorised persons trespassing on their property.

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