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The benefits of Commerical Door Entry Systems

Commercial Door Entry systems and access control provide commercial property owners with the reassurance that they can control, monitor and – if necessary – restrict the movement of people in and around a premises or site.
There is a wide range of products available to business owners looking to add this extra layer of security. Door entry is most often employed in hotels, offices, factories, schools, care homes and other multi-occupancy buildings, but can also be useful in single-exit, individually-occupied buildings if circumstances dictate.
Some of the specific advantages of commercial door entry control include:
Cheaper insurance
Like many security devices, door entry systems should be viewed as an investment. Not only do they reduce the likelihood of your property being the target of thieves, they have the ability to lower insurance premiums.

Keeps security tight – even with high staff turnover
Firms that make use of door entry systems will no longer need to change locks or re-issue keys if they are stolen or lost or when staff move on to new jobs and fail to hand in their keys. With an electronic access control system that makes use of a card, fob or PIN, the property owner or security manager only needs to reconfigure the device – something that will take a matter of seconds and cost no additional money.
Zone control
A unique PIN can be programmed to grant access to a certain door, such as the main entrance, but not other internal doors. Access can also be restricted by other signifier s such as the time of day, so that particular users can only enter a zone when it is necessary.

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