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Monitored Alarm Systems Dublin

Alarm Monitoring Services Dublin

The Safenet Alarm Monitoring service is on hand to alert key holders and to initiate a Garda response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With a range of alarm signalling methods, such as basic digital communicators or secure monitoring with radio GSM back-up, Safenet intruder and panic attack alarms are designed to be monitored, and this is essential for alarm verification, initiating an appropriate response and for making remote diagnostic checks.

Those who choose to monitor have the competitive advantage:

  • Reduced false alarm rates
  • Lower costs
  • Business efficiency improves
  • Better staff morale

Furthermore customers who choose to connect their systems to a Safenet Alarm Receiving Centre will benefit from being served by Dublin’s number one alarm monitoring business – a company with more than 20 year’s expertise and at the leading edge of technological development.

Alarm Monitoring

Our unique service manages and controls your alarm system data. With a secure network,  firewall protection and backup protection, customers benefit from peace of mind knowing that should a monitored intruder or panic attack alarm generate a confirmed alarm, Safenet Security are in a position to respond immediately by alerting a key holder and if necessary the Gardai.

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