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Alarm Monitoring Experts Dublin

As an older intruder alarm would simply emit a siren with the hope that neighbours would react to a break-in, updates to present intruder alarms have allowed them to contact the building owners directly, alerting them of the situation and by doing this, putting them in control of follow-up actions.

Features such as text or speech diallers are the perfect solution for smaller premises, allowing your alarm to contact a set number of programmed key holders, alerting them to the alarm activation.

Intruder Alarms Dublin
On the other hand, for those that wish to have a high security, immediate response to their property at the event of an alarm activation, here at Safenet Security, we can offer a monitoring service that ensures that your property is kept under the watchful eye of security experts at all times.

With monitoring in-place, your property is put under the supervision of a dedicated Alarm Response Centre. At the event of an alarm activation, security experts will assess the situation and dependant on the situation in hand, contact yourself or your local Garda for immediate response.

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