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Access Control Systems North Dublin

Being able to determine who has access to your building is a huge boost to security, and access control systems allow for full regulation of entry permissions, both to the property as a whole and to individual rooms and areas.

Safenet Security  supply, install and maintain a range of high quality access control systems to customers throughout North Dublin and the surrounding counties, providing a superior, safer alternative to traditional lock and key setups.

Our latest systems that allow you to SEE or TALK to whoever is at your front door before you allow entry to your property.

Access control systems offer greater flexibility without compromising security – especially useful in working environments that see heavy foot traffic through different areas of the premises – and our experienced team are fully NSAI approved.

With video and audio systems available, you can screen visitors to your building before providing access. 

Keeping your access control system in pristine working order is essential for ongoing security. Safenet Security are on hand to provide a full and thorough aftercare service for all access systems we install, whether one-off repairs, cleaning and battery replacement or regularly scheduled maintenance.

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