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Installing a home security alarm is only half the job. What’s equally important is what happens when it’s activated. It’s a sad fact that 33{0c80360b72ae2bbeb585933d6d5c24a9009bc51fdbafc47919a5b2c3985bd58a} of activated alarms go unnoticed. Whether you’re at work, away on holiday or at home, we’re on hand to respond quickly to your monitored alarm upon activations.

How Monitored Alarms Work

Watched over 24/7/365

Our monitoring specialists never rest. Knowing we’re keeping an eye on your property gives you priceless peace of mind.

No alarm’s ignored

​You can relax knowing we’re there every time your monitored burglar alarm is triggered, identifying false alarms and responding when the threat is real.

Keeping you ‘always on’

​With remote diagnosis and a network of trained engineers, we quickly return monitored alarm systems to full strength when a fault occurs.

Raise the alarm to fire

There’s no smoke without fire, and early detection saves lives. Our monitored smoke detectors do just that, making them vital to your security.​

As quick as a burglar

Every second matters when a burglar strikes. With a Safenet monitored alarm systems, we’re there working for you from the moment the alarm is raised.​

The peace of mind that a monitored alarm system can provide can be invaluable. Knowing that the moment a home alarm is triggered, someone will respond with either a call or text message to the occupant and a call to the appropriate emergency services if the situation warrants it. Safenet Security has a 24 hour monitoring centre with trained operators who can not only respond in an appropriate manner, but also have the ability to remotely disable the alarm if the threat is not determined to be genuine.

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