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What is SecureComm?

What is SecureComm?

SecureComm is HKC’s cloud based solution operated by Security and Risk Communications Limited and offers easy connectivity and access to the HKC Alarm system via a Smartphone app. The HKC App, available for Apple, Android and Windows Smartphones, will allow remote control of the HKC intruder system. 

The App offers easy Set, Partset & Unset functionality, an event log showing the last 100 events on your system and a fully functional keypad. With the RF PIR Camera installed images resulting from alarm activations are available via the APP. 

The App also supports push notifications with audible voice annunciation, so that if your system activates you will be instantly notified with a voice activated notification to your Smartphone App. For non-smartphone end users, SecureComm is capable of texting alarm activations via SMS and your system can also be controlled by SMS text commands.

I have a HKC alarm system, is it compatible with the HKC App or SecureComm?

The solutions are compatible with most HKC panels but we would ask you to contact your professional installer to enquire about availing of either service

Where can I find details of PSA Approved Installers?

You have just found one of them – Safenet is listed on The Private Security Authority (PSA)’s list of all approved installers.

Are there recurring costs for using the SecureComm Cloud Service?

There are subscription costs for using both SecureComm and SecureText services. Please contact us  for pricing details and to discuss your requirements.

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