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Petrol Station CCTV Surveillance Systems

Until the past decade or two, the concept of petrol stations needing surveillance systems was nearly unheard of. However, in our current age, petrol station robberies occur much more than before. As a result, petrol station owners are becoming increasingly more techno-savvy in their effort to prevent petrol station robberies, and keep the employees of the petrol station safe. In a quick search of Google News on March 15, nearly 20 results were returned for ‘petrol station robberies’! petrol station robberies have been on the rise for the past few years, and it is time for petrol station owners to take notice.

Petrol station surveillance cameras have existed for at least the past decade or two. They are usually found outside the petrol station, with a broad view over the entire petrol and diesel fill-up area. In past years, they were of poor quality and had limited recording time, which made them very ineffective. However, the truth of the matter is that these days, technology has come a long way and the cameras that monitor the entire petrol station are much more advanced.

One big change recently is that petrol stations are no longer monitoring just the fill-up area when they are doing surveillance. They are monitoring inside the shop as well. The truth of the matter is that most of the robberies in petrol stations happen in the shop, and petrol station owners are beginning to realize this.

With a simple surveillance system of cameras and digital video recorders, petrol station owners can get clear pictures of those in the shop and know if something bad is about to happen.

Surveillance is the key to helping a petrol station maintain its merchandise, keep its employees safe and ensure that people do not think they can get gas from the station for free.

Just because you are not at your petrol station, it does not mean you can’t see what is going on anymore. Now, with remote viewing technology that uses cameras and high-speed internet bandwidths, the owner can view their petrol station at all times. This means that not only can they make sure employees are doing their job, they can make sure no one is going to be robbing the place. This translates into savings on productivity for the owner, and safety for the employees. Remote viewing for the owner/manager can be considered one of the biggest advances in surveillance of the past ten years.

Monitoring Petrol Station Pumps with Security Cameras

The pumps are a hot spot for crime. While the shop may be robbed more, the pumps can cost a lot more for the petrol station. The petrol and diesel in those pumps are the life blood of the petrol station, and duel and dash robberies rip that blood out of the petrol station.

Now, owners can be monitoring the fuel station pumps with outdoor security cameras. This means that they can see the license plate of the person who robs them, and they don’t have to put their employees at risk to stop the individual. All it takes now is someone parking, filling up and driving off without paying. The monitoring of the petrol station pumps with cameras is a big step to safety and keeping robbers from stealing fuel from the station.

Security Cameras as a Theft Deterrent

Nothing stops thieves from robbing a location more than a surveillance system. It is a great theft deterrent for the shop because when the thieves see the cameras, they know that someone is watching. As a result, they may choose not to rob the place because it is simply too risky and there is too much of a chance that they will get caught.

Putting security cameras, that can be seen, outside the petrol station and inside the gas petrol, around the pumps and even behind the counter, is a great theft deterrent for the shop. Any owner who wants to keep employees safe and robberies at a minimum, or non-existent, is going to need to put up cameras that can be seen, but not touched.