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10 Key Advantages of having a Monitored Security System

Homeowners sometimes falsely believe that an activated security system will work just as well as one that is monitored.

What is the Difference?

An activated security system is one that can be armed and disarmed.

A monitored security system is one that is linked to a service that can summon appropriate help when the alarm goes off.

Here are 10 key advantages of having a monitored security system.

1. Help is on the way- Help comes within minutes of a home invasion when the alarm has been triggered.
2. Avoid Alarm Apathy – You can’t rely that people will react to the sound of an alarm because they are so used to hearing car alarms and false house alarms that they tend to ignore the sound.
3. Personal Safety in the home – In case of a home break in, the security system will sound an alarm and help is summoned. The sound of the alarm may scare off the intruder.
4. Fire Safety – A smoke detector wired into your alarm system means help will be summoned whether you are home or not, even if the alarm is turned off.
5. Family Protection – With a monitored system someone is instantly alerted that a break in has occured – this can keep family members from walking in ona potentially dangerous situation.
6. Savings on Home Owners Insurance – Many insurance companies offer substantial savings to homeowners who have monitored systems.
7. Deter Thieves – Research has shown thta homes display signs that indicate the home is under a monitoring agreement are less likely to be broken into.
8. Out of Town Peace of Mind – If your house is broken into when you are gone it means your home is vulnerable. With a monitored system the home can be secured much quicker.
9. Mobile Monitoring – The explosion of mobile technology has given birth to a whole lot of convenient means to do stuff, including monitoring your home. There are technologies these days that allow you to video monitor your home via your smartphone, so even if you are hundreds of mibles from home, you will know what is going on.
10. Management of False Alarms – Monitored alarm systems have internal sirens that help to deter intruders. Of course, you need to manually turn the siren off after it’s triggered. But for those occasions when you are away and the alarm has been falsely or accide

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