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Important Benefits of Alarm Monitoring in Dublin

What is Alarm Monitoring?

First of all, it is important to know exactly what an alarm monitoring system is. It differs from an alarm that is secured to your door or window and triggered by movement.  A monitored alarm system is watched 24 hours a day by a dedicated security company who will make contact with you within seconds of the alarm being triggered.

Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

A monitored system does something that an audio-only alarm does not: it notifies you and it notifies the proper authorities. This type of alarm monitoring service offers an extra layer of protection and therefore peace of mind because it calls for help to arrive at the scene of the intrusion. This peace of mind is one of the primary benefits of having an alarm monitoring system. The reason you are even considering the purchase of an alarm monitoring system is because you want to protect one of three things: your family, your possessions and your property.

Audible-only alarms are just the beginning, some of today’s home alarm monitoring systems are able to detect and notify authorities about a number of household and business emergencies, such as fire, carbon monoxide leaks, even monitored medical alerts worn by the elderly and activated in case of an emergency. With the addition of panic buttons and other safety precautions, the proper authorities, in a matter of seconds, can respond to virtually any emergency which may arise. In addition to the peace of mind and security alarm system monitoring offers.

The final benefit is the often-overlooked perk that homeowners will frequently qualify for discount from an insurance company.  Many homeowners aren’t aware of this so ensure that if you have a monitored package that you have disclosed to your home insurance company.  It’s a win-win for everybody because you having a monitored alarm reduces the threat of break-in and therefore reduces the risk for the insurer in having to pay out on a claim.

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